Which Employees Are Not Covered by Workman’s Comp?

The process of applying for workman’s comp without help from a worker’s compensation lawyer in Lawrence, MA, can be pretty tricky. This inexperience is the main reason for a case dismissal. Often, when an individual utilizes representation from a competent and experienced attorney during an appeal, their results are positive. Guidance and support are essential services provided by a lawyer who specializes in the workman’s compensation industry. You need to understand whether or not you are the type of employee who is covered by this compensation. Some laws will exempt particular companies, so broaden your knowledge before hiring a lawyer.

Domestic & Independent Contractors

If you are someone who completes domestic duties, you will not be eligible to work with a worker’s compensation lawyer. Domestic work involves gaining employment in a household. Although this type of employment is not typically covered, it is possible to work a certain number of hours to achieve workman’s comp coverage. Alternatively, independent contractors who work for themselves will not benefit from winning funds with a worker’s compensation lawyer. Private disability insurance would be necessary in this case.

Agricultural & Railroad Workers

Agricultural work is quite tricky to understand if you want to work with a worker’s compensation lawyer in Lawrence, MA. This is because some states will enable the workers to get workman’s comp, whereas others will not. In total, 13 states require all employers of agricultural workers to offer coverage, just like employers in any other industry would. Railroad workers will also be eliminated from collaborating with a worker’s compensation lawyer because the FELA shields these employees. If an injury is sustained, the negligence of an employer must be proven.

Workers, Seafarers & Military

Other employees in industries that are not eligible for workman’s comp will be harbor workers, seafarers, and military members. Harbor workers cannot work with a workers compensation lawyer because they will instead be covered by the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act. Seafarers will also be included in this, and all kinds of maritime injuries will be managed with this act. On the other hand, military workers will not be able to sue the government in the U.S. because they are aware of and accept the risks that come with the job. Military workers cannot get help from a workers compensation lawyer, even if the circumstance was not combat-related.

Hiring a workers compensation lawyer with the Law Office Of Robert E Frawley can help you understand the laws and rules of acquiring these funds to help with your recovery.