Why Hire a Premises Liability Lawyer?

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Lawyers & Law Firms

If a person is injured because of an accident that resulted from unsafe conditions on another person’s property, they may be feeling overwhelmed and worried. Chances are the person has lost time at work and may be concerned about losing their source of employment. They may also be wondering how they will pay medical bills, the rent, and other expenses. While they may believe the property owner should be the responsible party, they also may not know how to begin legal proceedings. This is why a premises liability lawyer should be hired.

If a person is hurt in an accident, they need to focus on getting better. There are quite a few ways that a premises liability lawyer can help handle the stress of this situation.

Investigating the Accident
The first thing to do after seeking medical attention for the injuries is to begin gathering evidence showing the cause of the accident. This is also the time to gather evidence that can prove the other party’s fault. Any legal representative should have prior cases similar to the one being faced, which demonstrates they fully understand the law. The lawyer will also likely have access to experts who can assist with the claim and seek financial compensation.

Once the legal representation is hired, they will assist in a number of ways, including gathering photos, medical and accident records, statements from witnesses, and property records. The lawyer will also know how to present the evidence in a manner that proves the other party’s fault.

Negotiation and Settlement
After the investigation is finished, the attorney will be able to make a demand for a settlement to the insurance company of the property owner. This will usually be handled by a letter that details the circumstances of the accident and how the victim has suffered due to the injuries. They will also be able to determine a fair amount of financial compensation.

Lawrz.com offers more information on why hiring an attorney is so important. Do not attempt to negotiate with insurance companies alone. This typically results in unsuitable offers of financial compensation for the victim.

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