Why Hire an Attorney for a Petty Theft Charge?

Theft is never a good choice, but it is a choice that people shouldn’t have to suffer from for the rest of their lives. If you are facing a petty theft charge, escaping the weight of that charge can feel impossible. Since you can’t go back in time and change your choice, the best idea when dealing with a charge is to find a Los Angeles, petty theft attorney.

What Qualifies as Petty Theft?

There are several types of theft, legally speaking. Typically, any theft that falls short of grand theft is termed as petty theft. Grand theft usually requires property was taken to be valued over a set amount – usually between $500 – $1,000, but sometimes more. Theft of automobiles or animals is almost always deemed grand theft, simply because of the value of these items. Items taken by force or with the use of fear – such as through a mugging or assault – are deemed robbery and are handled differently in court.

Petty theft is any smaller type of theft that does not meet these qualifications. It typically involves the taking of property directly from another person, rather than from a store or shop. Shoplifting is also handled differently in the court of law.

Why Get an Attorney?

The unfortunate truth is that a theft charge – even one of petty theft, which is typically a minor offense – can haunt a person for many years after the act has been paid for. Even if you return the item or repay damages, or even serve time in jail or through community service, the offense typically lingers on your record for a long time. It can also be difficult to beat on the court, even if you don’t feel that you are guilty.

Hiring a Los Angeles, petty theft attorney will help you overcome these charges, or at least get the best possible outcome during the legal process. Petty theft attorneys have ample experience with cases just like yours – and in helping people just like you. Don’t leave your record and reputation to fate; call an attorney for expert help right away.