Why Injury Victims Need to Hire an Insurance Lawyer in Rapid City?

Many people are injured in various accidents caused by other parties. For example, auto accidents cause serious injuries to many people every year. Slip and fall accidents in stores are common as well. Even if another party is proven to be responsible for the victim’s accident, getting fair compensation from the responsible party’s insurance company is often very difficult. The cost to repair or replace physical damage is easy to determine with a lot of accuracy. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure out how much a victim’s injuries are worth.

The insurance company may also believe that the victim is malingering. Insurance companies exist to maximize profits for shareholders rather than to pay claims fairly. A lot of effort is spent by the insurance company in proving the victim caused the accident or that the financial value of the victim’s injuries should be lowered. That is why victims who are injured in accidents will probably need to hire an insurance lawyer in Rapid City to get fair compensation.

Unfortunately, a lot of people try to save a few dollars from the attorney’s contingency fee by trying to negotiate with the adjuster without legal representation. Unfortunately, this leads to settlements that are much smaller than settlements negotiated by an Insurance Lawyer. The insurance adjuster knows that the victim is unlikely to sue the insurer without any legal representation. That means the settlement offers can be very low. Many people have no idea how much their injury cases should be worth. Furthermore, many people don’t anticipate lifetime medical costs from treating injuries caused by the accident. That is why it is necessary for most injury victims to hire an Insurance Lawyer in Rapid City.

A skilled insurance attorney will know how to deal with the insurer’s attorneys and adjusters. For example, if a victim was injured in a DUI accident, the injury attorney knows that proving fault will likely be easy. However, the insurance company will try to minimize the eventual settlement by trying to devalue the victim’s injuries. That means a lot of time and effort will be spent on documenting the medical treatment. This is an example of how an insurance attorney can get settlements that are much bigger than the settlement a victim can negotiate on his own.

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