Why It Is Advisable To Get a Child Custody Attorney in Shawnee, KS

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Lawyers

Going through divorce is always a very trying experience. Not everyone who faces such a situation is mentally, financially and physically or emotionally prepared for the same. This makes the experience so devastating for some that they do not recover completely from it. As if the thought of separating is not bad enough, there is the question of child custody in cases where there are children from the relationship. It is at such a point that you need a reliable law firm such as Gilby and Haynes Law Firm LLP.

Rather than try to handle matters personally even though you may have legal training, it is better to find a good Child Custody Attorney in Shawnee, KS to help in such matters. While the divorcing spouse has their rights that the law will try to safeguard, it is important to understand that the children have their rights as well and the law tries as much as possible to make sure their interests are not overlooked.

When looking at the aspect of children in a broken marriage, there are two main things to consider. The first is their custody and the other is how to make sure they have adequate resources to lead a normal life. It is worth pointing out that both parents will have an obligation towards the safe development of the children. At times the kids can stay with one of the divorced parents while the other contributes to their upkeep.

The courts will also look at the financial situation of each spouse as well as their ability to take care of the kids before they can make any final decisions regarding child custody. This however does not mean that only a parent with adequate income can have the right to keep the children. The court may as well decide to give both parents equal parenting rights meaning the kids spend time equitably between either parents depending on their agreed structural timetable.

To manage child custody issues well, the child custody attorney in Shawnee, KS may at times have to deal with the spousal support. This is especially crucial is one spouse who has the time to look after the child does not have a steady income. The attorney should also help in organizing any visitation rights between the estranged spouses.


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