Why You Don’t Even Want to Attempt a Do-it-Yourself Divorce in Eagle County

Although a do-it-yourself divorce in Eagle County might seem like a cheap alternative, it’s not going to help you in any way.

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll want to retain the services of an experienced and effective divorce lawyer in Eagle County, instead of attempting a DIY divorce:

Laws Are Complex

Specific procedures and laws must be followed in order to obtain a divorce in Colorado, and you don’t want to risk making a mistake. For instance, there are laws concerning who can file for the divorce, when he or she can file for it, how custody and child support are decided, and how the assets of the parties are divided. If you’re not well-versed in Colorado law, you’ll likely waste your time and the valuable time of your divorce court judge.

Best Interests of the Child

The court puts the interests and well-being of children above most issues in a divorce. Your attorney will do the same. Divorcing couples tend to get mired in the details and animosity – understandably so – and having an attorney on your side pointing out what can be done to help the children, and reminding you about the court’s approach can be a major help.

Court in the Future

Issues that might arise in the future and require more time and money in court can be addressed in a settlement agreement. By doing that, the necessity of future court dates for purposes of modifying a divorce settlement can be eliminated. You’ll appreciate that, and your judge will appreciate that too.

Rarely do two parties to a marriage agree on everything in a divorce. They’re likely to hit some rough spots while trying to work things out. Experienced divorce attorneys are problem solvers who smooth rough spots for clients.

Even if the parties do agree on everything, their judge might take exception to one or more provisions in their agreement, which can mean returning to court again and again with alternate agreements. Working with a divorce lawyer in Eagle County to draft your orders and settlement agreement reduces the odds you’ll need to return to court in the future.

Contact us by phone or email to arrange for a free consultation and case review with a divorce lawyer in Eagle County from our offices. You want everything done right the first time.