Why You May Need an ERISA Attorney in San Diego

by | Jul 1, 2013 | Legal Services

If you have a pension plan through a company that you currently or previously worked for, then it may be a good idea to hire an ERISA attorney in San Diego to help determine if you are getting the information and benefits that you are due. Don’t let your pension plan go unnoticed. Make sure you have the proper representation so you can ensure that you are being treated fairly. An ERISA Attorney can help you with a variety of things, including having the ability to sue the managing company for denied benefits and any breaches of contract that may occur. Here are three more reasons why hiring an ERISA attorney may be a good choice for you.

Time Lines One of the most important jobs of a pension plan is to set and maintain the various required levels of benefit funding and vesting that take place over the life of your pension. If you feel that you have been denied one of these rights, then you should contact a ERISA Attorney San Diego to determine if you are eligible for any restitution for the failure. You should get the same benefits as everyone else who share in your plan.

Minimum Standards Another important role of the company who manages your pension plan is ensuring that all participants meet the required minimum standards. This will include any time lines, minimum initial investments and the required amounts of regular funding that must be maintained over the life of the pension. This will also dictate the standards that are required before someone may receive money from their pension.

Manage Plan Fiduciaries One of the last things that an ERISA attorney can help you with is any issues that may arise with the fiduciaries who manage your pension plan. If you do not feel they are representing you in the best possible way, then an attorney can help you file the necessary legal documents that you need to hold them accountable.

Don’t let your pension get lost in the wayside. If you feel you are not getting all of the benefits you deserve, then let an experienced attorney help represent you.

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