Why You Need A Criminal Law Lawyer In Rapid City

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Lawyers & Law Firms

When you get arrested for criminal charges, you need to be aware of what is going on. The judge and public defender may speak about things that do not make sense to you. If your charges are pretty serious, then you are definitely going to need a Criminal Law Lawyer. A good lawyer will be able to explain what is happening with your case and tell you in simple terms what the state prosecutor is considering. When you are clearly aware of the offers before you it will give you the chance to make a reasonable decision without doing so under pressure. It can be very difficult to decide what your plea is when you are standing in front of a judge and the entire court room.

If you are looking for a Criminal Law Lawyer in Rapid City, then contact Beardsley Jensen & VonWald. They are a very popular choice for Criminal Law Lawyer in Rapid City because they have been known to produce desired results. You always want to know the track record of a lawyer who is going to take your case, and their success with cases similar to yours. You can ask this information when you are speaking with them on the phone and they should provide it to you via email or links on the internet. Hiring a successful lawyer will make you feel much better about going up in front of a judge when you have some serious criminal charges against you. A lawyer that has dealt with cases similar to yours will also know what to do to get your sentence lowered to something that is more reasonable.

You don’t want to end up doing years in prison because you didn’t understand what was going on in the court room. A lawyer is extremely beneficial because they can speak on your behalf and you won’t get an opportunity to become enraged. An outburst in the courtroom can cost you years of your life and even add extra charges against you. A judge will also be able to speak more calmly with your lawyer because they understand the language of the law much better than people who haven’t gone to law school. Make sure that you hire a lawyer to defend you when facing criminal charges so that you can preserve your freedom.

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