Why You Need A Social Security Attorney

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Attorney

Obtaining Social Security benefits is tough to say the least. Hiring a Social Security attorney in Plymouth right from the beginning of the process can be advantageous when it comes to winning the battle that lies ahead.

The fact is simple; at least three quarters of those who apply for benefits independently have their application denied. Many people are of the opinion that they can process the initial application and then hire an attorney should the application be denied. Knowing what the chances of getting approval are, it is suggested that having a skilled attorney make the application for you may help in getting the benefits you deserve right away. The thing that must be taken into account is the attorney; you must hire one who focuses his or her practice of Social Security disability as the laws that apply are very complex.

There is no way that an applicant for benefits will know in advance what the offer from the Social Security Administration will be, it is rather the same as suing someone for personal injury, the award can be a crap-shoot. As the fees that the attorney can charge are set by the SSA and are currently limited to 25 percent of your awarded back pay or $6,000 maximum you are well advised to find an attorney who is well thought of and has a reputation of winning the majority of cases for his or her client.

The law is complex; attorneys tend to seek out a specialty area for their practice. A Social Security attorney in Plymouth is intimate with the laws and rules that apply to disability and disability benefit applications. This attorney is capable of doing a number of things that would be very difficult for a layperson to accomplish. The Social Security attorney can obtain all the documents that the SSA have on your case, this fact alone will allow the attorney insight into your case, allowing proper evaluation of the factors that will make a significant difference in the outcome of your application. The attorney can obtain your complete medical records, presenting them as evidence to support your claim. Your attorney can also expedite the claim, explaining to SSA that there is dire need as you are facing financial difficulties as a result of the lengthy approval process.

If you are about to make an application for disability benefits you should seriously consider hiring a seasoned Social Security attorney in Plymouth right from the start of the process.

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