Why You Need a U.S. Lawyer for a Myelodysplastic Benzene Cancer Diagnosis

by | Oct 31, 2023 | Attorneys

There are certain industries that are inherently more dangerous than others. In fact, some of them expose you to a toxic chemical known as benzene, which has been proven many times over to cause myelodysplastic syndrome. If you have been employed as a railroad worker, journalist, ship worker, and a host of others, you may have been exposed to myelodysplastic benzene, and you may also need an experienced lawyer.

Gathering Evidence

To prove that you have acquired any of these diseases from your job requires a significant amount of evidence, not only medical but also conditions that you faced while being employed. This can be incredibly difficult to do on your own. This is a huge reason why you want an experienced attorney on your side.

Scientific Knowledge

A lawyer who has a history of defending these types of cases has scientific knowledge, as well as expert witnesses, who can argue your case in a court of law. Trying to convince a judge or jury on your own that the diseases you now have are the fault of your employer is almost certainly a losing battle. An attorney can frame the case in such a way that your chances of success are increased exponentially.

Remain Focused On Medical Care

Fighting a court battle can be very stressful. Let the lawyer handle the battle for you while you focus on your medical care for myelodysplastic benzene and follow the instructions of your doctor.

If you have fallen ill due to benzene exposure, please contact Benzene Lawyers for a consultation today.

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