Why You Need A Workers Comp Attorney in St. Louis, MO

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Lawyers

When you go to work, you expect a certain degree of safety to be taken care of by the business itself through preventative programs and education. However, when an accident happens outside your control, you do have rights and the right to be compensated if you get injured on the job- especially if you followed all safety regulations.

If someone leaves the floor in the kitchenette at work wet and you walk in, slip, and injure your tailbone (or anything else), you apply for workers compensation to have your medical bills covered by workers comp insurance as well as time lost from work due to healing and recovery of your injury. You pay into Workers comp every time you draw a check from work. Companies are required to pay half and you pay the other half for this insurance and if you ever find yourself needing it, it is a god-send.

Your job cannot be threatened by a case for workers comp. You will want to get an attorney so you receive all the compensation required as well as protection under the law, if your boss is unwilling or stubborn about filing your claim or getting things . Swimming through the paperwork and knowing the laws intimately is not something laymen want to tackle, nor should they. Hiring a Workers comp attorney St. Louis MO gives you an edge on the law and this attorney should be very familiar with using and knowing the latest developments in the law. You gain invaluable experience and protection from being underhandedly dismissed when you hurt yourself at work

If you don’t have an attorney and depend on your employer’s attorney, your best interests will likely not be the first thing on the docket. The business doesn’t want to have to pay more when you get compensated, so, like any insurance company, you will likely have to get an attorney so you can ensure you aren’t taken advantage of and that all your rights are met and taken care of.

A business has certain obligations where safety is concerned and if the injury is bad, the company could be liable for more than just the workers comp insurance. You may not need an attorney today, but when you have a Workers comp case come up- be very sure to hire one or you may find yourself in a bad position simply because you don’t know what to do.




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