Why You Should Contact Trozzo, Lowery, Weston and Rock Attorneys At Law For Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Attorney

Trozzo, Lowery, Weston and Rock Attorneys At Law offer solid advice in terms of personal injuries and effective options for filing a claim. Within cases that are related to on-the-job injuries, it is essential to file a claim through the civil court when you are unjustly denied worker’s compensation benefits. These attorney can offer this opportunity to you, through diligence and careful attention to detail. They can prepare a strong injury claim for you and present it to the judge for consideration. If you sustained an injury while performing your job duties, contact this law firm immediately to file a claim.

Why You Need A Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Through your local Workers Compensation Lawyer in Hagerstown, MD, you can file a claim to fight against the insurance company that has denied your right to these benefits. Your attorney will prepare a claim that is conducive to the acquisition of monetary damages based on the value of associated medical expenses. This claim additional addresses any wages you lost as a result of your inability to return to work due to these injuries. Your attorney calculates a total value for both medical expenses and your lost wages to arrive at a fair settlement.

What You Will Need

When filing a personal injury claim based on a worker’s compensation denial, you need medical evidence associated with your injuries. You also need the documentation you acquired through your employer’s insurance provider stating the reason for your denial of benefits. Your attorney additional needs all medical bills associated with treatment for your injuries.


By hiring an attorney through Trozzo, Lowery, Weston and Rock Attorneys At Law, you receive effective legal representation in your worker’s compensation case. These attorneys are well-versed in personal injury laws that apply to on the job injuries. They understand the essentials of filing a strong injury claim based on your injuries, how you sustained them, and the reasoning behind the insurance company’s denial. They will review the circumstances associated with your case and arrive at a beneficial course of action to fight for your rights as a victim and reverse this denial.

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