Why You Should Hire A Divorce Lawyer in Chandler When Your Spouse Is Convicted

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Law, Lawyers

Your Selected Divorce Lawyer in Chandler can assist you in the divorce process when your spouse has been convicted and sentenced to prison. He or she will review the criminal proceedings in which your spouse was convicted. If your spouse presents a significant risk to you or your children, your attorney will provide this information with the assigned judge. This is especially true if your spouse is convicted of a violent crime.

Violent Crime and Divorce

During the course of criminal proceedings, the severity of the crime is disclosed in court. This presents the probability of dangerous behaviors upon the release of the convicted. To secure your family from this probability, you may choose to end your marriage. This is clearly a beneficial course of action if your spouse has a history of violence. It is necessary for you to consider the welfare of your children in such cases.

In divorce proceedings, your attorney may present evidence of this conviction and the nature of the crime. It is possible for the judge to take these facts into consideration when making determinations in your divorce case. The judge may provide you with a protection order to prevent further contact from your spouse during the divorce proceedings and after.

Legal Assistance in Your Local Area

The Law Offices of Aslamy and Foster P.C. provides assistance to individuals who wish to file a divorce after their spouse is convicted of a violent crime. These attorneys can ensure that your spouse is served with the papers and understands that you wish to end your marriage. If you require legal representation within this form of divorce proceedings, contact this law office for further assistance.


Standing by your spouse through criminal proceedings is difficult. However, after he or she receives a conviction associated with a violent crime it causes detrimental damage to your marriage. If you have discovered yourself in these circumstances and wish to end your marriage, you should consult a Divorce Lawyer in Chandler to represent you. If additional steps are required to finalize your divorce your attorney guides you through these steps to dissolve your marriage.

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