Why You Should Hire a Phoenix Domestic Violence Attorney

by | May 25, 2013 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Unfortunately, domestic violence is still a part of daily life for many men and women across the world. If you have been a victim of domestic violence, it’s important to hire a phoenix domestic violence attorney to help you through the court system to ensure your safety from the abuser. The lawyer can help you file for a restraining order or criminally charge the abuser with domestic violence and help you through the case.

The first step you can take as a victim of domestic violence is to get a restraining order against your abuser. This order, sometimes called an injunction, is a legal paperwork that describes your abuser, what they have done to you, and details how far the abuser must be from you, your home, and your workplace. You are also protected in any place that your shop, as well as from phone calls and letters. A phoenix domestic violence attorney can help you through this by supporting you in filing the paperwork and going to the first court hearing, and it’s suggested that you hire a lawyer to help represent you at the hearing so you stand a better chance.

Either before or after obtaining a restraining order, you can have your abuser arrested for the domestic violence. You will need to file a police report, if you did not call the police when the abuse happened. Here, again, a lawyer can be extremely helpful to you. While not absolutely necessary for filing a police report, a phoenix domestic violence attorney can at the very least help you remain calm and confident when filing the report and help to make sure that you have all the details in your statement to the police. They will also be there through the remaining steps of the court case, in case you have to speak as a victim in court or file and further paperwork for the case to proceed.

When you have been a victim of domestic violence, don’t stand quiet. Talk to a phoenix domestic violence lawyer about what options are available to you and take them. Ensure that your abuser not only is prevented from harming you further, but is somewhere where they cannot abuse anyone else either.

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