Why You Should Hire an Attorney Immediately

by | Apr 6, 2013 | Legal Services

If you have been convicted of a crime and you are thinking about going it alone, stop and consider hiring a criminal attorney in Burlington. Although you can definitely save yourself money and you may feel like you can get yourself a fair trial, you need to make sure that you have everything covered. This will not happen if you go it alone, and once you start and then realize that you need an attorney, you may have already caused damage that you cannot fix.

What If You Are Guilty
Even if you are guilty of the crime that you are being charged with, having a criminal attorney Burlington may help you to get a lesser charge, find that you have spent your time in jail already (if you had been held on bail) or get your charges dropped as a warning for a first time offender. Although you feel like this is something you can do on your own, it is likely not.

Remember that an attorney knows each of the judges that he works with. Understanding their personality will help things in a way that you just cannot do on your own. Setting the laws aside, the relationship that your attorney may have with the judge who is trying you, could make a huge difference. Especially if your attorney is one that has helped to change the lifestyles that many of their former clients have practiced in.

How to Choose the Right Attorney
Although you may qualify for a public defender, if you can afford it then hire your own attorney. A public defender will still fight for you. The level of service that you get may not be the same. The public defender is basically the lawyer of the day, and he has several cases thrown in his lap at once. He will not have the time to research everything going on in your case because, often the public defender will get your case the same day that the trial is going on.

Find a criminal attorney in Burlington that has experience in your case style. Regardless of the crimes that you are being tried for, you will be able to find an attorney that has experience in your case. During your free consultation, make sure to ask the attorney questions regarding the specifics to your case. Be open and sincere with your attorney, he will be able to help you more if he knows all of the facts. Trying to keep things from your attorney will only lead to surprises for your attorney to deal with later in the case.


Consider Powers & Costeck PLLC for all of your criminal attorney needs if you live in Burlington or the surrounding areas. They are the experienced criminal lawyers for your defense. As a criminal attorney in Burlington since 2005, Powers and Costeck can give you advice that fits your budget when you need it most.

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