Why You Should Hire An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer In Philly

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers have to be knowledgeable in several areas. There are many cases that encompass what is known as personal injury law. Most people think of PI cases as auto accidents, and slip and falls. However, a lot more exists under the PI umbrella. PI lawyers handle dog bites, food injuries, big rig accidents and much more. Consult with Thomas D. Kenney and Michael Kotik. These lawyers have worked in the personal injury area for years.

Personal injury can happen from a product you bought. The idea is, that if something is defective about the product, the manufacturer should have known. Manufacturers have a duty to issue a recall, because defective products affect a lot of people. Sometimes, an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer In Philly, will handle the case as a mass tort. Several consumers file an action together, and share information. Each person receives his or her own judgement.

Many consumers suspect food poisoning, if they get sick after eating. In order to file a lawsuit, the lawyer must prove that something was wrong with the food. The consumer should seek medical attention, right away. If the illness is linked to bacteria, other people probably got sick, as well. Unfortunately, the consumer has the burden of proof to show a court, what made them sick.

Motorcycle accidents are particularly violent, and a driver may receive serious injuries. About 75 percent of motorcycle accidents are caused by cars. Many drivers claim that motorcycles are hard to see on the road. The Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer In Philly must prove that a driver was negligent, when they hit the motorcycle. Likewise, a motorcycle driver can be negligent, and cause an accident that results in injuries to other people. In that instance, the motorcycle driver can be sued.

Finally, accidents involving big rigs are handled differently from car accidents. Most people don’t know that there may be more than one liable party. The lawyer may sue the driver, the company that employs the driver, the company hired to haul the goods and the owner of the truck. The bottom line is, people injured in any type of accident, should consult a lawyer. They will protect your rights and get you compensated. Follow us on Twitter!

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