Workers Compensation Attorneys Are Here When You Need Help

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Attorney

Workers compensation is a form of insurance that employers have, it is used to provide medical care and wage replacement should an employee be hurt on the job. By accepting workers compensation the injured employee must relinquish his or her right to sue the employer for negligence. Depending on the severity of the injuries you may be well wise to get in touch with a workers compensation lawyer in El Monte before you agree to anything.

Although workers compensation can offset economic loss, payment of medical expenses and payments to dependents if the employee was killed on the job, workers comp does not allow for compensation for pain and suffering or punitive damages for negligence by the employer.

Workers who are injured on the job will often benefit if they retain a workers compensation lawyer who can advise them of rights that they might not know they even have and defend the worker in the event of premature benefit termination.

Most on the job injuries are minor and recovery is quick. Employees are often ignorant of the workers compensation system as the extent of their involvement is filling out an injury report which allows them to qualify for benefits. For people who have more serious injuries they are well advised to seek counsel from a workers compensation lawyer in El Monte.

If you are refused benefits you are entitled to hire a workers compensation attorney. Denial of benefits that you know you are entitled to, a demand to return to the job before you are medically fit or a rejection of extended disability compensation are all good reasons to get legal representation. It may be simple for your employer to find a doctor that will certify that you are capable of returning to work when you know you’re not or if the employer attempts to put you into a job specially created to accommodate you and your injury, speak to a qualified attorney immediately.

Employees are rarely aware of the law; the same cannot be said about the employer. Employers know exactly how the workers compensation system functions and how they can terminate your benefits. If, for example, you were to accept a job that was designed to accommodate your injury, it is perfectly legal for the employer to eliminate the job, lay you off and eliminate workers comp benefits. This is also true with some doctors; an employer will seek out a doctor who will certify that an employee is ready to return to work even if the doctor normally associated with the company declares the individual as still disabled. It is in cases like this where a workers compensation lawyer in El Monte can come to the rescue.

If you are injured a work you have the choice of accepting workers compensation or suing for adequate compensation, but not both. If you need a workers compensation lawyer in El Monte to advise you of the best way to proceed then you are invited to contact the Law Offices of Norman J. omen.

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