Your Best Options for Debt Relief in Valdosta

Your best options for debt relief in Valdosta area will come from a lawyer that specializes in bankruptcy. Figuring out how you can get your finances in a better position can be overwhelming. There are different roads to debt relief that are offered under the law. An attorney can help you decide which path is the right path for you.

Some of Your Options
If you are drowning in debt and you just can’t get your head above water. Choosing bankruptcy can be the best solution to your financial issues, but then you must decide which bankruptcy is best. The most common bankruptcy options for consumers are chapter 7 and chapter 13. Both options offer debt relief but have different paths to get to the point of debt-free. Chapter 13 is ideal if:

  • You have adequate income to make planned payments
  • The bulk of your debts are secure

Chapter 7 is ideal if:

  • The bulk of your debt is unsecured
  • You do not want to pay back your debt

Chapter 7 offers a shorter period between the time you file and the time the debt is discharged. Chapter 13 can last up to 5 years.

Your Decision
Ultimately, it’s up to you which plan you choose, but you will need some guidance to choose the plan that’s right for you and your family. In both options, you should have a trusted attorney help you with the case. You do not want to file either alone because it can end badly and you could wind up with even more problems than you started with. Of course, the good news is there is an option for debt relief in Valdosta that can work for you. Charles Farrell Attorney at Law can help you find relief. With step-by-step guidance the whole way, you’re able to rest easy knowing that they have your back.