Your Disability Attorney Syracuse Provider Represents Disabled and Injured Clients

When you are unable to work because of an injury or disability, basically you are experiencing forced retirement. With many people these days seeking Social Security disability benefits, it’s important to have a strong ally on your side with a proven successful track record of helping clients. A disability attorney Syracuse specialist can help protect your rights if you can’t work due to injury, work related or not. The Social Security claim system is usually confusing to most people. Plus, the majority of claimants will face initial rejection and need legal assistance.

Understanding How Social Security Works

Social Security disability insurance is a fund that pays out monthly cash benefits to individuals that have paid into the system and qualify. The majority of people receiving payment are unable to work at all. It’s important to apply for benefits as soon as your medical provider agrees that the disability will last a full year or longer. If you think you qualify, having a legal practitioner on your side from the very beginning is highly beneficial. Many people are under the false impression they must apply on their own initially. This simply isn’t true.

Legal Fees to File for Benefits

Lawyer fees are regulated by government agencies. Most disability attorney Syracuse legal providers take cases on a contingency basis. This means they do not receive payment unless the case results in a successful outcome for the client. Not everyone is eligible to receive disability payments. However, there are other potential benefits available from the Social Security program such as Supplemental Security Income. This plan pays cash benefits to disabled persons with low income and resources. It requires that a financial need threshold is met.

Denied Claims

The vast majority of initial claims are rejected. However, even when a disability claim is denied, there’s still hope. Experienced attorneys have various methods to overcome Social Security denial. A professional lawyer will work with you during all stages from preparing an initial application through the appeals process in court. If your claim is turned down, they will represent you, and understand how the appeal system works. Their objective is to ensure your Social Security benefit is approved.

Representing Disabled Workers

Social Security isn’t just a benefit paid to retirees. If you are disabled because of an illness or injury that’s expected to be long-term, chances are you qualify for disability benefits. Unfortunately, many worthy claims are turned down when first filed. Quite often, they will be denied again upon reconsideration. After the claim has gone through these phases, it must be filed before an administrative law judge. At this point, it’s highly recommended to attain the services of an experienced disability attorney Syracuse practitioner. They can carefully evaluate your case and gather the necessary evidence to be successful.

Always choose an experienced attorney to handle your disability law needs in Syracuse. Please visit and learn why our outstanding lawyers offer knowledgeable, timely and experienced legal counsel.