A Brief Overview of Workers Compensation in Pennsylvania

by | Feb 14, 2013 | Law

Workers compensation can sometimes seem very complex. Insurance companies don’t seem to be much help, and they often make it very difficult for people to collect their benefits. This is why it is extremely important for anyone who has become ill or hurt because of their job to hire experienced legal counsel to handle their claim. Pennsylvania has plenty of regulations in place to protect employees, but it is still wise for a person to have their own legal counsel as an added security measure. A workers compensation lawyer Pittsburgh firm can help their clients get the money they need and deserve.

Paying a Workers Compensation Attorney

Attorneys will work on a contingency agreement, so you can be worry free in knowing that they will protect your rights without you having to pay any money unless they are successful in winning your case. Not all cases have to go to court, so they may be able to get a fair settlement just by making phone calls and writing letters to the insurance company. Many people don’t hire legal counsel until the workers compensation insurance company actually denies their claim, and this is a big mistake. An attorney should be in charge of your case throughout the whole process so that your interests will be fully protected.

Timeframe to File a Claim against an Employer

Time is a critical factor when a person has been injured or become ill on the job for reasons related to their job. The Pennsylvania law states under the Workers Compensation Act that a person is required to report their illness or injury to their employer within 120 days of the date that it happened. If they don’t report it within that timeframe, then they are no longer eligible to do so. The best chance of success with a claim is to report it right away rather than wait any length of time at all. The longer you wait, then the more suspicious the insurance company will be that your injury did not actually happen at work.

A Pennsylvania workers compensation attorney can ensure that employers are following the rules. Some employers try to force their employees back to work or threaten them with lower payments or suspension. This is just plain wrong, and attorneys know how to handle them when they violate the law. Have a professional on your side who will work to get you what you are entitled to without allowing you to be bullied and harassed by your employer. Workers Compensation lawyers have seen all types of scenarios from employers, so they are well versed in how to run the process so that it flows smoothly.

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