A Criminal Defense Attorney in Pasadena, CA Helps in Different Ways

by | May 15, 2019 | Criminal Lawyer

A person doesn’t have to be behind bars in order to use the services of a criminal defense attorney in Pasadena, CA. Some people keep criminal lawyers on retainer. When a lawyer is on retainer, a person doesn’t have to worry about trying to hire one if they are charged with a crime.

Finding Out If Something Is a Crime

Having a lawyer on a retainer isn’t the only example of a person hiring a criminal lawyer without being arrested. An individual might consult with a criminal defense attorney in Pasadena, CA to find out if something is a crime. What if someone wants to find out more about self-defense laws or whether or not something is a fraud? Who better to contact than a lawyer?

Someone Close to a Person Is Arrested

When someone sees their husband or wife charged with a crime, they might get nervous. What does it mean for a person if their spouse is charged with fraud? Perhaps the prosecutor thinks that the accused had help from their spouse. In such a situation, it might be wise to consult with a criminal lawyer in order to be prepared. Anyone who needs help can schedule an appointment.

A Warrant Is Executed

What if a person’s home is being searched because of a warrant? What can that individual do? Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible is that person’s best bet. A lawyer can let them know about their rights and what should be done. A lawyer can also find out what law enforcement is pursuing.

Talking to Police

Whenever someone is arrested and the police attempt to interrogate them, they should ask for a lawyer to be present. Speaking to law enforcement without legal counsel present is a huge mistake that might lead to a person being charged with a crime due to something that was said. Once a person asks for a lawyer, police have to provide them with access to one.

Criminal lawyers can be used by people who might never get arrested. Anyone who thinks they are at risk of being arrested should have a lawyer on retainer.

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