A Personal Injury Attorney in Brooklyn NY Can Help You Pursue Compensation

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injuries occur when a person causes injuries to another because they are negligent or incompetent. These injuries can also occur when a person assaults another. When a person is injured, they need to seek legal help through a Personal Injury Attorney in Brooklyn NY. A personal injury attorney can advise an injured person on how they need to pursue their case and what they can expect from the outcome.

Meeting with a Personal Injury Attorney in Brooklyn NY does not require any fee. A free consultation appointment can allow a person to learn more about their rights and what the law states on accident scenarios. The more knowledgeable a person becomes about their rights, the better equipped they will be to protect them. An attorney will take over all of the aspects of a case to allow their injured client to fully focus on their recovery treatments.

Injured victims hold the right to pursue a case against the person who caused their injuries. They have the right to receive compensation for their injuries, property damages, medical bills, wage replacement and pain and suffering. The attorney will work to gain as much compensation for a client as possible so their damages can be monetarily covered.

If the insurance company works fairly, the case by may be settled by working with the insurance adjuster assigned to the case. If the insurance company refuses to cooperate or denies the claim, a case may be pursued in court. Should the attorney be unable to win the case for their client, the injured party owes their attorney no fees. If the attorney wins the case, the attorney will take a certain percentage of the winnings as agreed upon in the retainer agreement.

People who have been seriously injured in accidents they did not cause should contact a personal injury attorney right away. There is no charge for the consultation and people can learn more about their rights so they can take the steps to get started on their case. Contact The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel and schedule a consultation appointment. Through an attorney, you can receive the fair compensation you deserve. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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