Three Types of Lawyers You Might Need

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Lawyers

Some people may assume that the only time that a Lawyer Junction City KS is needed is in times of great crisis. While it’s certainly true that a major crisis calls for a lawyer, there are several other situations that might require legal help. One of the most frequently used types of lawyers is family attorneys. A family attorney focuses on nearly any matter that has to do with the family. This can mean divorces, prenuptial agreements, arrangements for child custody, adoption of children, and the creation of trusts for family members. A family lawyer will often be primarily focused on divorces, however they will also be available to deal with any other family matter as well.

Another type of Lawyer Junction City KS that is often used today is the criminal attorney. A criminal lawyer doesn’t just handle the murder cases or other very high profile cases. They also handle a variety of other cases that may be far less obvious. For example, a criminal lawyer is often the person who is consulted when a person is charged with Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence of drugs. A DWI or DUI conviction can very easily result in time in jail, or very large fines. It can also result in a criminal mark on the record of the convicted individual. While charges like DWI or DUI are often considered to be less serious ones, they become felonies after a second or third conviction. This means that only a criminal lawyer can effectively help a person fight and win with this kind of charge. You should contact The Oleen Law Firm in Junction City KS for more information.

Personal injury lawyers are one of the busiest types of attorneys today. The personal injury attorney handles situations like car accident injuries, dog bite injuries, injuries that occur while on the job, and injuries that occur due to medical malpractice. The main goal of a personal injury lawyer is to get full compensation for a client’s medical bills, but they can also obtain compensation for other damages as well. If you need to find a reliable and experienced local Lawyer Junction City KS, consider the Oleen Law Firm in Junction City KS. You can click here to find out more about the attorneys there.

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