A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Ft. Pierce, FL Helps You Get The Coverage You Need

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Lawyers

Worker’s compensation is a form of insurance that protects both the employer and the employee. In the event that an employee suffers an injury while on duty, he can make a claim with the insurer for benefits as opposed to filing a lawsuit. This allows all who are involved the opportunity to go on with business as usual without having to worry about money coming in. The potential problem with claiming benefits comes from the insurance company as it is more interested in protecting its profits than providing service. This is where help from a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Ft. Pierce, FL can be beneficial.

The biggest issue you are most likely going to face after an accident are the bills. You can’t work, so you can’t pay your creditors easily. Adding to the stress are the medical bills that arrive, seeking payment. Technically, you should not be responsible for the medical bills, but the providers like to get paid and send bills to all who are involved. The insurance company is the party that is supposed to pay the bills in this situation, and is failing to do so when you are receiving the bills. Instead of you dealing with this issue, let a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer take charge on your behalf.

A lawyer takes over the work of getting the insurance company to do its job, which is to pay your medical bills and provide you with income. Chances are, the insurer is trying to claim that your injuries are not severe enough, and that you are capable of working. It’s a common tactic, and is almost expected when the scope of your injuries are not fully explained. Or the insurer is ignoring the explanation in an attempt to get out of paying bills that should not fall on your shoulders. The lawyer can bring the issue to the insurance company, working towards getting your medical needs seen to.

There are many different issues that can arise with an insurer trying to withhold rightly deserved benefits. If you are finding yourself in such a situation, contact a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Ft. Pierce, FL at Matheson & Horowitz for assistance.

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