Drunk Driving Arrest? Speak with a DUI Lawyer in Martinsburg WV

Being charged with a DUI offense in Martinsburg WV is a very serious crime. A guilty verdict will lead to some jail time, a mandatory alcohol safety program, a large fine and usually probation. A driver can also expect much higher insurance premiums. It is important that a person charged with a DUI offense know their rights and how to defend themselves. The best way to ensure a fair hearing is to hire a Dui lawyer Martinsburg WV practice.

Many people are surprised that they can refuse to perform a field sobriety test, but they are not allowed to refuse a chemical test. The arresting officer does not have to tell them of their right not to participate in a field sobriety test. Police officers can also choose which form of chemical test they want administered. Martinsburg WV law holds that by driving an automobile, the driver has already given prior consent to a chemical test. The driver has no right to speak with an attorney before the test. The driver does have a right to conduct their own chemical test. However, the police officer does not have to help the driver obtain this test in any way.

By the time that a driver has been taken into formal custody, a great deal of information has already been collected. Only a repeat offender or someone with detailed knowledge of the law will know precisely what to do to preserve their rights. A person who was drinking and then arrested may just want to make the case go away. They might think that the best course of action is to plead guilty and take their punishment. If they do that, they are assured of spending some time in jail. It is certainly best to take the time to talk to a Dui lawyer Martinsburg WV practice before pleading guilt to such a serous charge.

It can be hard for someone to know which lawyer to call. If they routinely work with a business lawyer or family lawyer, they can call them and ask them to recommend a lawyer. It is fair to ask any lawyer how many DUI offenses they have handled and what the outcomes of those cases has been.

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