After a Car Accident in Terre Haute, IN.

by | Jul 27, 2015 | Lawyers

After a car accident in Terre Haute, IN, the main thing that most people feel is a lot of confusion. They wonder whether to call the police, their insurance agent or a lawyer. People also wonder whether they should go to the hospital for a checkup after a wreck. Sometimes people feel like they should minimize what really happened in the accident so as to make the whole process easier but this is not the answer for anyone who was injured. People that are injured due to the actions of another driver need to take any injury seriously, even if it only seems like a minor issue in the beginning.

Some injuries, for example whiplash, may start out seeming like no big deal. It is not usually until the next day that the full extent of the injury may become evident. This may also be true of other injuries like concussions or certain other brain injuries. It is always best to get checked out by a doctor as soon as the accident happens. Victims should accept an ambulance ride to the hospital if they feel there is a chance that any injury occurred.

As soon as possible, phoning the insurance company is wise. While the insurance company for the victim typically won’t be the one who is paying for the medical damages, they may end up paying for the vehicle damages until the responsible party pays. This allows the individual with insurance to get back on the road if they want to. With medical damages, the bills are often accumulated into one large sum. Once the injured person has been as fully recovered as it is possible to be, they will typically request that sum plus damages caused by the person who inflicted the injury.

Often, it is very difficult for one person to go up against an insurance company and end up with a good deal. This is why hiring a car accident lawyer in Terre Haute, IN is the best move. The lawyer is a highly aggressive negotiator and can make the insurance company pay a fair settlement. If you have a car accident in Terre Haute, IN, visit the website of a local lawyer to learn the best way to proceed!

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