An Accident Attorney In Williston, ND Will Help You Get Compensation For Your Injuries

by | Aug 8, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Too many parents have gotten a late night call from the police telling them that their son or daughter has been injured or killed in an auto accident involving alcohol or drugs. Other parents get a call to let them know that their son or daughter has been arrested for drinking and driving. While some kids have never consumed alcohol or illegal drugs, they are in the minority. A study found that over 65% of high school students have consumed an alcoholic beverage. About 22% regularly drink alcohol, having drunk at least 5 drinks in a row at least once in the past month. Over 15% began drinking before they were 13.

Studies have found that allowing teens to drink at home on the theory that this will prevent them from drinking elsewhere does not seem to work. Three out of every 4 teens who said that they lived in a permissive household drank heavily by the time that they were in 9th grade. On the other hand, parents who set strict rules appear to be more effective at discouraging teen drinking; only 8% of kids from those homes were heavy drinkers. Studies of older teens reported similar findings.

Teen drinking is anything but a victim-less crime. In 2013, the costs incurred by underage drinking amounted to $160 million in ND. This represents an enormous amount of pain and tragedy. This large amount of money represents losses incurred as a result of drunken violence, high-risk sex, accidents, injuries, babies damaged as a result of the fecal alcohol syndrome and the costs of treatment programs. Many doubt the effectiveness of these programs.

The majority of teen drinkers continue to drink and drive as adults, causing numerous auto accidents. It’s a continuation of a tragedy that began years before but does not change the fact that the victims of those accidents are entitled to fair compensation for their injuries. Consulting an Accident Attorney and filing a civil lawsuit is the only way in which these victims can receive compensation.

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