Can a Top Law Firm in New Iberia, LA Make Sure Insurance Coverage is Still Possible After DWI?

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Lawyers

There is a lot on the plate of an individual charged with a DWI. One of the concerns most overlooked is insurance coverage. It can become extraordinarily difficult for an individual charged with DWI to obtain insurance. What are some of the more common concerns when it comes to insurance in a DWI?

Driving During the Trial

The initial DWI arrest will likely enact a license suspension. This obviously invalidates insurance coverage, for it is not legal to drive with a suspension. With that said, there are pertinent settlements and agreements that can be set with the Top Law Firm in New Iberia LA. The firm can get a suspension removed. This will have no effect on the cost of insurance, at least during the case.

The Status of DWI and DUI

Most states will define DWI and DUI as separate crimes. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with insurance companies. They deem both crimes as equally troubling, and that could be a problem for those charged with a DWI. DWI is usually a lower-tier crime than a DUI, but insurance companies will unfairly group them into the same category.

The insurance company cannot change rates without a justifiable reason. They also cannot increase rates if a customer had a DWI charge, but it was thrown out. Reach out to the insurance company and confirm that rates will not be adjusted even if the case was thrown out. The Top Law Firm in New Iberia LA, has enough clout and respect to initiating the insurance coverage and confirm that rates remain fair given the situation.

One of the best strategies an individual can take if their cost hikes up is to shop for a small insurance company. A lot of smaller firms have fairer rates, and they are more accepting of individuals that have been charged with a DWI. This is the case even if the case was won through the top law firm, such as Logistically, the case can contain a clause saying the client is allowed to receive proper insurance to keep them on the road and a productive member of society.

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