Asbestos Exposure Related Lung Cancer And The Law

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Law

Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products are the leading cause of lung cancer, however, lung cancer is also tied to asbestos exposure. Although the number is small, only four percent, it does represent a considerable number of victims. Every year, 8000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer directly related to occupational asbestos exposure. If you are one of these 8000, you may wish to consider consulting with lung cancer lawyers in Chicago and taking legal action.

Asbestos exposure and lung cancer:

Pulmonary diseases, which result from asbestos exposure, are very insidious. The majority of victims experience no obvious symptoms until the disease becomes severe. The signs of pulmonary diseases, from asbestosis to lung cancer, are hard to diagnose early and start with little or no warning. It is easy to mistakenly diagnose lung cancer as little more than bronchitis, pleurisy, or COPD. When all this is taken into account, it is not surprising that victims of asbestos exposure are misdiagnosed.

Often, what was originally diagnosed as lung cancer will turn out to be mesothelioma or vice-versa. As asbestos-related diseases require unique treatments, the wrong diagnosis can have a life-threatening impact. Lung cancer lawyers highly recommend that you seek a second opinion from a physician that understands asbestos-related diseases.

Compensation for asbestos exposure lung cancer victims:

The primary source of compensation for those diagnosed with lung cancer because of asbestos exposure is Asbestos Trust Funds. To avail of these funds, there is no need to go to court. Although it is less complicated than other types of litigation, lung cancer lawyers in Chicago are better positioned to submit a valid claim on your behalf. There is a rigid timeline involved; asbestos victims must take legal action within three years or lose any opportunities for recompense.

If you have been exposed to asbestos in the workplace and are now a cancer victim, you should discuss compensation with experienced lung cancer lawyers in Chicago. You are invited to contact Hughes Law Offices. Follow us on twitter.

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