Can A Disability Attorney Help With Filing Your Disability Claim

Navigating the disability claim process can be a confusing and frustrating process, especially if you’re trying to figure everything out on your own. Retaining an SSI disability attorney in Olympia can help with some of the finer details and guide you smoothly through every step of the process.

From as early as sending your application, your attorney will help ensure you have the best chance of having your claim accepted. When filing for disability, the state requires that you send proper evidence. When people send their claim for SSI disability, many don’t realize it’s not only medical-based but also need-based. This means you not only have to supply medical records showing that you qualify for disability, but you also need to provide income statements, proof of assets, and all sources of income, though some income does not count towards your qualification for disability.

Your attorney can help you gather and organize all the documents you’ll need for your application, that way nothing is missed. If your claim does end up being denied, your attorney can also help navigate the appeals process. You have the right to appeal a denied claim, though there is a time limit on how long you must file the appeal for reconsideration. If this deadline passes, you’ll have to start the claim all over from the beginning.

Your attorney can help provide the best defense for why you should qualify, as well as help quickly navigate the appeals system and speed up the filing process for you. If you are looking to file for disability, investigate local SSI disability attorney in Olympia for a consultation.