Choose the Right Attorney for Your Auto Accident

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Law, Lawyers

Long Island often tops the list of most dangerous roads in the United States. The Hempstead Turnpike and Sunrise Highway in particular, are considered two of the most dangerous roadways in New York. On average, approximately 275 people die annually on Long Island roads. The majority of these accidents are due to minor errors. In some cases, many individuals are lucky to survive the accident, but may be left with permanent injuries that affect them for life.

In New York, if you are seriously injured in a Car Accident, you may have a legal case. If you were sustained a serious injury as defined by New York law, you may be able to receive monetary compensation. Also, whether or not you were at fault, you are legally entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and reimbursement for lost wages for those days, weeks, or months that you were unable to work. In the case of medical expenses, you do not even need to initiate a lawsuit because by law, you are entitled to payment for your medical bills.

Car Accidents Long Island present challenges, including physical impairment, and even choosing the right auto accident attorney to represent you. Choosing an experienced law firm who specializes in Car Accidents Long Island could help you to receive the compensation that you deserve as a result of your auto accident. When choosing a lawyer, be sure that you select a knowledgeable, aggressive firm that will advocate on behalf of your rights based on New York law. Your law firm should have a positive track record with plenty of testimonials from previous clients. They should be able to represent you and present your case, whether your accident involved a car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle.

Finally, before settling on one attorney, have a consultation in order to determine their pay rates. Some lawyers work on an hourly basis and require a retainer fee, whereas others work on a contingency basis. Contingency means that you do not pay for the lawyer upfront to represent you. The lawyers will get paid a percentage of your monetary judgment once everything is said and done.

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