Arrested on a Felony Charge? Hire Criminal Attorneys in Oak Lawn

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Legal

Everyone in the United States deserves a vigorous defense in court. Whether they are charged with dog fighting, assault, rape, drug dealing or domestic battery, they are presumed innocent. Even if they have a long history of criminal behavior, that’s not enough to prove they’re guilty of the current charge. It’s important that people call Criminal Attorneys Oak Lawn practice as soon as they can after they are arrested. The sooner a lawyer intervenes the better they can protect their client’s rights. Lawyers should be at every meeting that their client has with police. The police are skilled interrogators that can keep people in a small room for hours, prevent them from sleeping or even using the restrooms. Criminal lawyers know how to stop this from happening.

A Criminal Attorneys Oak Lawn practice understands that people don’t always get arrested during business hours so they always have someone on call in the middle of the night. They’ll know a bail bond specialist to call and arrange whatever else needs to be done. As soon as they are on the case, they’ll start to review the probable cause that the police had to question and arrest their client. They’ll make sure that their client was advised of their rights properly. If the police didn’t follow proper procedure in any of their questioning or investigations, the lawyer can ask the judge to throw out the evidence or incriminating statements.

Defendants will know that they can trust attorneys such as Donald N. MacNeil to get to know them and the circumstances of their lives and case. They’ll interview all of the witnesses and hire their own expert witnesses. Forensic evidence can often mean different things depending upon how it’s analyzed. There have been too many cases of governmental crime labs contaminating evidence or using faulty procedures to assume that they are always correct.

They’ll make sure that the jury hears both sides of the case and any mitigating circumstances. If the defendant is found guilty, they’ll work to get them the lightest sentence possible. Of course they’ll file any appeals that are appropriate.

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