Different Types of Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you are suspected of violating people’s rights in accordance with the law, then, you can be termed as on who has committed a crime. When this is the case, you must hire the services of a criminal defense Naples, FL attorney from Law Office of James W. Chandler, P.A. so as to plead your case in front of a jury or a judge. The implications of criminal cases are very severe such that one can face life imprisonment, very heavy fines and death sentences in some states. For this reason, it is important that you hire a qualified and reputable criminal defense attorney who has a record of offering the best services to his clients.

Criminal cases are very wide. It is always important to look for a criminal defense attorney in Naples, FL who specializes in the particular case that you are facing. Hence, he or she will offer the best representation and advice concerning the implications of the charges to your personal life and freedom. Some of the different types of criminal defense attorneys include:

1. Drug defense attorney: If you are accused of drug trafficking or the illegal use of drugs, you will need a criminal defense attorney to represent you. Typically, depending on the evidence of the prosecutor, the lawyer will seek to discredit the evidence or seek a technicality in order to prove the innocence of his or her client. Most drug defense attorneys have unarguable understanding of different drugs, their use, what constitutes their abuse and how to argue to convince the judge to release their clients. In most cases, the attorney will look at how the evidence was collected and if there were any violations of his client’s rights. He or she will rely on the mistakes made by the prosecuting team and the expertise that he or she has in arguing a drug charge.

2. Sex crimes defense attorneys: Sex crimes constitute crimes such as child abuse, prostitution and rape. Such crimes are very difficult to argue because of the emotions involved and personal challenges that affect the accused as well as the alleged victim and his or her family. Indeed the judge and jury are always looking to offer the highest penalty for such convictions because of the damage that it causes the victim and his or her family and friends. A criminal defense attorney handling such a case must present evidence that is beyond reasonable doubt in order to convince the court of the innocence of his client.

3. Corporate crimes defense attorneys: In a world where money is involved, there are always corporate crimes. Such crimes have escalated with online money transfer such that proving who is at fault can be challenging. Some of the most popular corporate crimes that a criminal defense attorney handles include money laundering, fraud, bribery and extortion.