The Reasons to Hire Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers for Your Accident Case

When you are hurt on the job, it can be easy to think that you are somehow responsible and liable for your own expenses. However, the laws in your state say that you have rights as a victim. You may not be liable at all for any of the medical costs that you incur for treatment or recovery.

Convincing your employer’s insurance company to pay your costs can be another story, however. You can make a solid case and get the compensation that you need by hiring one of the Chicago personal injury lawyers to represent you today.

Filing a Workers Comp Case

Your lawyer can immediately file for a worker’s comp claim on your behalf. Under the state’s laws, you have several days to take this action against your employer. If you fail to act within the allotted time, you lose your opportunity to have your company pay your bills for you.

Your lawyer can take the action in a matter of hours on your behalf. You can then receive payouts within days for your medical costs, lost income and other damages.

Your attorney can also work on your behalf to be your intermediary between you and your employer. You do not have to speak to your company’s workers comp attorneys or adjusters if you prefer. You can learn more about the main reasons to hire Chicago personal injury lawyers by contacting Shea Law Group online.