A Lawyer Can Greatly Improve Your Chances Of Winning Disability Benefits

Social Security in the United States is a Federal Government program, the primary benefits include monthly cash payments to those who have retired as well as those who have yet to reach retirement age but suffer a physical or mental disability which makes it impossible for them to earn a living.

Applying for being granted retirement benefits rarely poses any problems, unfortunately the same cannot be said when the individual is applying for disability benefits, the chances of success are little more than 25 percent.

Although it is not mandatory that an applicant have a Social Security disability lawyer in Kent County to help and guide with the application it is a fact that even at the stage of making the initial application and the reconsideration stage of the appeal process the chances of winning is far greater with a lawyer than without. Having a lawyer right from the early stages helps considerably as he or she will ensure that all the papers are filed properly and on time and provide any and all medical records and updates to the examiner who is reviewing your case.

If your application denial is not overturned at the reconsideration level you can really improve your chances during the subsequent appeal stages if you have a seasoned lawyer on your side. Why is this? The rules, regulations, laws and procedures that govern the SSA disability program are phenomenally complex, so much so that a non-lawyer will not know how to handle the appeals. This of course is not the case with a disability lawyer, they are intimate with the inner workings of the administration, they know the approaches that win cases and they know the approaches that don’t, they also know the judges in their region and know what to expect from them.

It’s not only the rules and the people, a Social Security disability lawyer in Kent County know how to build a winning case so that when you and he are in the presence of the administrative law judge, your lawyer will ask the judge and any vocational experts that are in the hearing all the right questions and is prepared to give them all the right answers when asked questions.

It often takes six months or more to reach the hearing stage, there are times when a Social Security disability lawyer in Kent County can win your case without having to wait these months. In an “on the record review” a positive decision can often be granted if there is sufficient evidence on file. An OTR review cannot be negotiated unless you are represented by a lawyer.

Trying to win a Social Security disability award without a seasoned Social Security disability lawyer in Kent County can prove to be frustrating and often fruitless.