Procedures For Bail Bond Olathe KS

A Bail Bond Olathe KS provider is basically any bondsman who posts bond for someone who has been incarcerated. The process requires that an individual related to or associated with the inmate to sign a contract and place a down payment for the bond. Typically, a bond requires ownership of property to secure the bond. The individual posting the bond may pay the entire amount of the bond, if possible. The bond value necessary for release is determined by the judge once the inmate is arraigned. This amount is based upon the crime the inmate is accused of committing and whether that crime is considered a felony or misdemeanor. Felonies with higher classifications require significantly larger bail bonds than others due to their violent nature.

In most cases, Bail Bonds in Olathe KS are provided by independent agencies that are not affiliated with the jail. Some services possess a local office nearby the county jail. Others are independent agents that work through a calling system. Contact information for these service providers is available through the county courthouse and local telephone directory. Most providers are attainable during non-business hours. However, some provide services only on a nine to five basis. In most cases, inmates are not released until the next business day. He or she is subject to the required jail time as appointed by the judge prior to release. Bail Bondsman Olathe KS are subject to guidelines of the local jail system. Some visiting hours are enforced, although some systems allow bondsmen to visit inmates at late-night hours. To confirm the guidelines for visits you should contact your local jail.

Some inmates who are not considered violent offenders are released on bond within a few hours of arrest. However, the time needed for processing the bond may require more than that. Serious crimes require a judge’s decision in regard to the possibility of bond. The judge determines the amount of the bond and any waiting periods after court for release. If the inmate does not follow the judge’s requirements, the bond may become revoked. In such an event, the full bond payment is required by the individual who signed off on the bond. To know more, click here.