Choosing An Effective Divorce Attorney In Brainerd, MN

A Divorce Attorney in Brainerd, MN provides you with an abundant amount of information relating to divorce cases and how you should proceed with your own. This includes the classification for your divorce. In these proceedings, your divorce is either contested or uncontested. The process for an uncontested divorce is more simplistic than for contested divorces. Your attorney will explain to you have to proceed if he or she determines that your divorce is contested.

Contested Divorces and How They Affect You

Unlike contested divorces which are typically over within 30 days, a contested divorce may last up to three years depending on the county in which you live. If your spouse is unable to agree to the terms it is possible that you will need to attend mediation to come into an agreement. This process allows you both to present your arguments within a friendly setting. With your attorneys present it is not as probable that there will be any altercations between you or spouse.

If Mediation Fails

If mediation fails and you still cannot come into an agreement with your spouse. You will attend a trial as scheduled by the court. In most cases, the judge makes determinations for you after both parties present their arguments. Your child custody case is scheduled at a different date.

Divorce Attorneys

Business Name. provide you with options in your divorce case. This team of lawyers comprehends effective methods of ensuring that your interests are protected. If you would like to schedule a consultation with these attorney you may contact them at their local number found on their website.


Your selected divorce attorney can ensure that your divorce cases does not present any additional hindrances than it already has been. The attorney provides you with options that allow you to make appropriate decisions based on the circumstances of your case. He or she will explain to you what classification applies to your case and how this will affect you and your life. You may avoid a trial and mediation if you can get your spouse to come into an agreement as quickly as possible.