Common Questions About Working With a Child Support Lawyer in Marion, IA

by | Oct 20, 2015 | Law

Whether a couple was never together, is separating, or is divorcing, they’re going to need to determine how their child will be cared for. They will need to work out the custody arrangement and file the appropriate paperwork to ensure it’s a legally binding agreement. Part of this will be the child support that will need to be paid when applicable.

Is a Lawyer Required?

A person is not required by law to hire a lawyer for child support issues. However, it is wise to hire a child support lawyer in Marion, IA, so they can understand why support is being ordered, how the amount was determined, and what their rights are for paying or receiving the support.

Do Both People Need to Hire a Lawyer?

The parents cannot use the same lawyer. This is considered a conflict of interest. Each parent should hire their own lawyer, so they have someone to help explain the support to them and represent them in negotiations or court if needed.

Can the Support be Determined Without Going to Court?

In some cases, the parents will be able to decide on an amount that works for both of them. In these cases, they will still want to ensure they hire a lawyer who can look over and file the necessary paperwork.

Can the Lawyer Help With Other Child-Related Issues?

Yes. A child support lawyer in Marion, IA, will often work with the parent for custody and visitation rights as well.

What Happens if the Support Isn’t Paid?

If one parent doesn’t pay the child support, the other parent has a few options for how they can handle the case. They will want to speak to a lawyer to determine what their options are and what the right move would be for their situation.

For more information on hiring and working with a child support lawyer in Marion, IA, please visit us website. A child support lawyer will be able to answer any questions a person might have about creating a support agreement, obtaining late payments, or adjusting the amount that is supposed to be paid.

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