Consulting a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles

by | May 15, 2013 | Lawyers

If you are suffering from financial stress and anxiety, you are not alone. Financial disparity is not as uncommon as you may believe and sometimes circumstances prevail that make it almost inevitable. Perhaps you have suffered a serious illness or have required extensive medical care. A job loss, an unexpected injury or an accident are other situations that can create the potential for financial hardship. Maybe you were just a victim of predatory lending. Whatever the case may be, the guidance of a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles is what you need.

There is no need to feel completely hopeless. The days of trying to survive from paycheck to paycheck don’t have to be like a life sentence dangling over your head. The sleepless nights, endless phone calls from creditors, and needs that continuously go unmet could realistically become a part of the past. The first step toward making this a reality is with a consultation with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles can explain the various options that may be available to you under a federally authorized procedure called Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is an opportunity for an individual to have a fresh start by filing under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Family farmers can file under Chapter 12, while businesses typically file under Chapter 11.

For individuals, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy equates to straight bankruptcy or liquidation will Chapter 13 is reorganization. In most instances, debtors can keep certain assets as long as they can prove the means to pay for them. An experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles can review your specific case and provide you with guidance, direction and options that are in your best interest. Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles can answer any questions you may have.


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