Divorce Attorney Stafford

by | May 13, 2013 | Divorce Attorney

Child custody is often the most emotional and hard fought part of a divorce. Difficult decisions must be made as to who will care for the child, how important decisions regarding the child will be made, and whether the non-custodial parent should pay child support. Additionally, there is some degree of finality as in order for these decisions to be later changed, it must be shown to a court that there has been a significant change in circumstances. For this reason, it is often vital to consult with an experienced Divorce Attorney Stafford as early as possible in the process.

Even if the divorce is proceeding amicably and the parties are largely in agreement as to what should happen with the children, a Divorce Attorney In Stafford can help prevent problems down the road. For example, the parents may not consider every possibility and could later end up in a court over a disagreement about something like medical treatment. The lawyer will help to ensure that as many eventualities are covered so that there is a framework for dealing with any possible conflict down the road.

If the parties do not agree on everything during the divorce, a Divorce Attorney Stafford will be prepared to convince a Family Court judge what is best for the child. And it is important to remember that what is best for the child is the consideration, not what is best for the parents. While the lawyer represents one parent, they do not necessarily try to argue that that parent should spend the most time with the child or make any other argument centered around the parent.

Instead, they talk to the parent and learn how they can best care for the child and what an ideal living situation for the child would be. They will go through various factors the court will consider such as the age and health of the parents, their employment status, other family members, and any other factors they believe a court may find has an impact on the child. After this discussion, they will then explain to the court that what their client is asking will provide the child with the best opportunity for success in life.


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