Do You Have a Boundary Dispute? Check Your Rights with a Real Estate Attorney in Santa Barbara, CA

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Attorney

You can run into legal disagreements, especially when you own property. That is why it is always a good idea to have an attorney waiting in the wings – someone who can assist you in defending your rights or negotiating a reasonable real estate contract. Without the help of an attorney, investing or owning property can quickly become unpleasant.

How a Boundary Dispute May Develop

However, once you contact a real estate attorney in Santa Barbara, CA, you can quickly resolve any disputes that may be looming on the horizon. One of the major disagreements that regularly occurs among property owners is over boundaries. This can result when a barrier, such as a hedgerow or fence is not placed properly. A physical division may be considered a boundary, even though it does not match the survey for a property.

Reaching an Agreement

When this type of dispute arises, the only thing you can do is notify a real estate attorney. He or she can go over your case and find the most sensible solution. Today, California courts depend on the use of legal land descriptions and property surveys to make rulings.

However, you still have to account for any exceptions. For instance, a physical boundary, such as a fence, may serve as a boundary line, even if a survey notes otherwise. If the fence has been in the same spot for a long time and has never been disputed, the court may rule that the fence serves as the real estate boundary.

Mediation Services

As you can see, this area of real estate law can get rather complicated. That is why you should use the services of a real estate attorney, especially if you invest in real estate and own a good deal of property. Using an attorney’s advice can mean the difference between an ongoing feud and a fair and amicable resolution.

Prosper in the Real Estate Marketplace

Do you invest in real estate? Do you need ongoing real estate advice? If so, click for more info and schedule an appointment with a real estate legal specialist. Obtain the support you need so that you can flourish as an investor and owner of real property.

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