Do You Need Veterans Benefits Lawyers? Get Help Now in New York

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Attorney

The US government asks a lot of vets who have served their country. If you came back from your tour injured or permanently/partially disabled, you may not realize that the government offers resources to you, which can help you through financial hardship. However, they don’t just hand it out and require you to file a claim. Many times, the VA will deny your initial application because of a technicality. Veterans Benefits lawyers can help you get through the appeal and may also give you a higher rate of success. New York residents can get help from a professional attorney.


The first step that the lawyer will take is to ensure that you are eligible for compensation. This may include talking to you and your family, as well as doctors and other influential people. Veterans Benefits lawyers can also help dependents and spouses of deceased vets who died while serving. In some cases, active members of the Reserve and National Guard can also qualify.

However, most New York residents can’t determine their own eligibility or if they have a claim/case. Therefore, it may help to hire an attorney who can help you figure it out.

Reviews and Appeals

The VA is there to review your application and determine if you’re eligible. While your lawyer may also do this, they are trying to figure out if you have a legal case against the VA. The VA itself is focused on determining whether your medical or psychological injury occurred while serving your country and if it is covered. Many times, they deny cases because of technicalities, such as not enough documentation. Your lawyer can make sure you have all the appropriate information during the appeal.

Veterans benefits lawyers are there to help smooth out the process of applying or appealing. Visit Jackson & MacNichol in New York at to learn more.

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