What Does a Family Lawyer in New Market Do?

In Maryland, family laws encompass a variety of circumstances that apply to certain life events that affect families. The life events include adoption, divorce, and managing care for the elderly. The family lawyer in New Market provides advice and further insight into the events for all families.

Manage the Adoption Process

The adoption process involves becoming the legal guardian of a minor child. The prospective parents have the option to utilize the services of an adoption agency or complete a private adoption. The attorney helps the parents complete each step of the process including preparing for home studies and interviews. The attorney represents the adoptive parents during the hearing.

Assist with Child Custody Disputes

Child custody disputes require the parties to attend a hearing to present their arguments. After a divorce trial, a separate hearing is scheduled to determine which party receives child custody. If any risk is present, a parent has the right to present evidence of the risk or report the other parent to child protective services. At the end of the hearing, the judge renders a decision about child custody and child support payments.

Establish Guardianships for the Elderly

Guardianships for elderly individuals are established to protect the interests of the senior. Typically, the assignments are established to prevent the unethical use of the senior’s assets. The new guardian also manages the senior’s health care requirements and submits payments for their expenses.

Complete a Divorce Action

A family law attorney also assists couples who want to end their marriage. The lawyers explain all laws related to their case and help petitioners choose divorce grounds. The attorney represents one of the spouses in most cases. However, couples that are filing based on mutual consent could use the same divorce attorney.

In Maryland, family laws assist couples and families during difficult times. The laws dictate how disputes are managed for couples who are divorcing and parents who want to receive child custody. The laws also identify provisions that could require supervised visitation and protection orders. The orders protect victims and prevent repeat attacks. Petitioners who need help from a family lawyer in New Market can browse our website right now.

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