Domestic violence and Anger

by | Jan 22, 2013 | Law, Legal Services

Anger management can be a confusing subject. A lot of people disagree about the best approaches, and it’s sometimes legally mandated for domestic violence. The interesting thing is that for people who simply snapped from anger and hurt someone they loved, they can benefit from anger management, or other forms of counseling that help them control that anger. The truly abusive aren’t angry, they seek control, and the things they’re taught in anger management can be turned on others. There are some fundamental tricks you can use to avoid getting in the situation where you either commit domestic violence, or do enough that you’re facing a Reno, NV judge because a police officer thought it was likely enough to arrest you on charges.

The biggest thing you can do is try to control your anger. If you feel yourself escalating leave the situation. Sometimes arguments can have high stakes and it’s easy to get drawn in. However, the mature and sensible thing to do is to walk out the front door and catch your breath. For the other person it might be odd, but if it helps you control your anger it’s well worth it. Remember the police are people like the rest of us. And if you’re the person who gets angry and screams or punches the wall it’s easy for them to think there was a violent situation. If you’re still angry when they get there it’s really easy to lose your temper at the police and end up sitting in a Reno, NV jail cell waiting processing and a bail bond.

The other solution is a bit larger in scale. If you are in a relationship that results in frequent screaming matches and aggressive behavior by both parties then it might be time to reconsider that relationship. If you are attracted to people who are that strong willed and aggressive you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk. Sometimes people can like each other but be a terrible mix. It’s easier to be single then to have to sit in a holding cell over night in Reno, NV over night and wait on bail. That example is being repeated for a reason, namely it’s the likely outcome for some people if they can’t change their behavior. Seeking professional assistance is always advisable; talking to a psychologist about ways to help you limit and control your anger can give you more control over your temper. Even if you’ve never committed domestic violence, you don’t want to be someone who gets so angry that you could be credibly accused of it.

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