Explanation Of A Traumatic Brain Injury In Salinas

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Personal Injury

A traumatic brain injury in Salinas needs immediate medical attention and a consultation with expert legal counsel. Slip and fall accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, biking accidents, and other accidents that result in a blow to the head can cause significant injury. It is important after an accident for all parties involved to keep a detailed diary explaining any symptoms that may arise.

Clinical Definition Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Victims who suffer a traumatic brain injury in Salinas have complex health challenges. They can result in severe disabilities and symptoms can last for the rest of their lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a traumatic brain injury or TBI is caused by a jolt or blow to the head as a result of a fall, impact such as a car accident, while playing sports, or in a host of different reasons. Mild TBI’s are referred to concussions, and even mild conditions can adversely affect individuals for the rest of their lives. TBIs are considered mild if the victim is unconscious for less than 30 minutes and considered more severe as the amount of time consciousness was lost increases.

Symptoms Of Traumatic Brain Injuries
The full scope of the damage to the brain after an accident may not fully

develop for weeks, months or even years after the accident. Symptoms of traumatic brain injuries include:

* Headaches

* Confusion

* Loss of memory

* Mood Swings

* Attention Deficit

* Frustration

* Anxiety

* Dizziness because of overhead lights

* Inability to focus on computers and televisions

The Long Lasting Effects Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Some of the most significant long-lasting effects of a traumatic brain injury in Salinas include:

* Memory loss

* Loss of reasoning

* Loss of sensations including smell, sight, taste and touch

* Loss of cognitive functions including communication, understanding and expression

* Cause epilepsy and seizures

* Emotional distress including depression, anxiety, aggression, and severe personality changes

* Inability to work and function in a normal and healthy manner

Recovery from a TBI can take years and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Monetary compensation may be available to help cover the medical costs, rehabilitation therapies, lost wages and the pain and suffering associated with traumatic brain injuries.

If you or someone you love has suffered a traumatic brain injury, it is essential that you hire a personal injury attorney immediately. The seriousness of a brain injury may not appear for weeks or months after an accident. It is vital that you report any personality changes, loss of consciousness, memory loss, loss of motor function and headaches to your doctor. Research indicates that TBIs increase the risk for the development of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and other cognitive disorders. Consult with an attorney immediately after suffering a traumatic brain injury in Salinas.

Traumatic brain injuries are life changing; the symptoms and effects of a TBI can prohibit some individuals from working. Individuals that have sustained a traumatic brain injury in Salinas need expert legal counsel to help them navigate the complex and challenging time. Consult with a personal injury attorney today to learn more about compensation that may be available.


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