Filing A Birth Injury Lawsuit

The majority of babies born in the United States are delivered in hospitals and the birth is attended by doctors trained in obstetrics. Although the number is very small there are children that are injured during birth. Some of these injuries are unavoidable but others happen because of negligence on the part of medical personnel or the facility.

The birth of a child is supposed to be a time of joy for the parents, not a time of pain and desperation. In many cases, a birth injury has life-long consequences, the result being that the parents are faced with huge, ongoing expenses. As the costs can be so great often the only choice is to hire a birth injury attorney in Detroit and file a lawsuit.

There are many reasons why a baby can be injured during delivery. The attending physician may not have been trained in delivering a child, it is not unusual for doctors to simply be exhausted or unable to effectively communicate with other staff, or the doctor may simply be incompetent.

Common mistakes made during delivery:

   *   Lack of oxygen

   *   Failure to deal with fetal distress

   *   Administration of inappropriate medication or incorrect dosage

   *   Failure to recognize the need to perform a cesarean section

What you should do if your baby was injured at birth:

Needless to say the first thing is to seek remedial care, this is a crucial for the well being of the baby. Once you have done all you can do, it is wise to contact a birth injury attorney in Detroit. The best law firms provide you the opportunity to discuss the circumstances of your case at no initial cost.

Birth injury cases are extremely complex, whatever you do; do not even consider representing your own case. The doctor will not readily admit to negligence and insurance companies are loathe to settle. You definitely need to be represented by an experienced attorney.

If your child is seriously injured during birth you could be burdened with lifelong expenses that under ideal circumstances would not be necessary. If you are looking for an experienced birth injury attorney in Detroit, you are invited to contact and also follow us on Twiiter.