Following the Steps for a Premise’s Liability with the Help of Personal Injury Attorneys in Tucson, AZ

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Lawyers

In Arizona, local residents have the right to visit public places and businesses without sustaining injuries. These rights apply to a variety of locations including local parks, shopping malls, and private businesses that provide services. The following are steps for a premise’s liability utilized by personal injury attorneys in Tucson, AZ.

Recording the Victim’s Account of the Accident

The attorney must record an account of the accident in which the victim sustained the injuries. This account determines the sequence of events that led to the accident. They also need to determine where to acquire additional witnesses’ testimonies as well as surveillance evidence if possible. The victim’s account of the accident will be used in the legal claim. All other evidence acquired with these strategies will support their claim more fully.

Securing Medical Records for the Injuries

The victim must go to a doctor to get medical attention after their injury occurs. In most cases, if they are injured in a location that is monitored at all times, the manager or owner will contact emergency medical services for them. The victim needs all records of their medical treatment. They must also acquire records of any bills that were accumulated due to this injury. However, if the property owner pays any of these costs, the victim cannot claim them in their legal claim.

Identifying How the Owner Failed

The victim must present what circumstances led to their injuries. In a premise’s liability case, a hazard must be present that caused the victim to become injured. Common reasons for these falls include uneven flooring, chemical spills, and unmarked construction areas. The failure of the owner would have been a lack of warning of these conditions. Once they prove that the owner failed to provide a warning, they need evidence of the hazard to support their claim.

In Arizona, local residents have access to protection against unsafe conditions in buildings and public spaces. If they become injured due to a failure on the owner’s behalf, they have a viable claim in which they could acquire compensation. Victims of these injuries should contact personal injury attorneys in Tucson, AZ by visiting us website for more information.

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