If You’ve Been Arrested for OWI/DUI, Call an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney in Fort Wayne, IN

Getting arrested is not the highlight of anyone’s life, but it’s important to remember that the situation can always become worse. This period right after the arrest is crucial to what happens later. The hours following an arrest could potentially add substantial time to a prison sentence unless you pay attention to what you do and say.

Don’t Run

Running to attempt to prevent an arrest is a huge mistake. The police become determined to take down the fugitive and are very worried that the fugitive is armed. Running could make you a “shot while attempting to escape” statistic. Stay where you are and obey the officer’s instructions.

Don’t Resist Arrest

Resisting arrest can add a felony charge to your problems. This is the last thing you need, especially if the initial charge is only a misdemeanor. Even something as simple as swatting the officer’s hands away could be considered an assault.

Don’t Talk

This is the biggy. More people have convicted themselves by trying to talk their way out of the situation than would be believed. However, every auto accident attorney in Fort Wayne IN has seen the damage that clients have done to their own cases. As soon as possible, inform the police, preferably in the presence of a witness, that you want to speak to an attorney. Call A Arrested Hotline. Until your attorney arrives, remain silent. When the police officer warned you that everything you said would be used against you, believe it. The officer may come across as friendly or threatening. It doesn’t matter. Exercise your constitutional right to remain silent.

Don’t Believe What the Police Say

The police are allowed to lie. If you were arrested with someone else, expect to be told that the other person is blaming everything on you. Most people will believe that and immediately begin to defend themselves. Don’t do that. Stay silent and wait for your lawyer.

Richard Thonert is an experienced auto accident attorney in Fort Wayne IN. If you’ve had an accident and been arrested for an OWI/DWI, you need legal assistance as soon as possible. Attorney Thonert is a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. Call today to review your legal options.