Hire a Criminal Attorney in Naples for Your DUI Charge

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Lawyers & Law Firms, Legal Services

Have you been arrested and charged with a DUI? If so, you may feel like your case is hopeless. After all, if you did have a few drinks before driving home, you may feel like the police have all of the evidence necessary for you to be convicted of a DUI. However, this is not always the case. This is why it’s important you have a criminal Attorney Naples review your case to see how they can help.

In some cases, your attorney may find that the evidence collected was done so illegally. This may be because the stop was illegal, the officer illegally searched your vehicle, or for other reasons. No matter what the reason is, your lawyer will find it. They can then use that information to have your charges either lowered to a lessor offense or dropped altogether.

If your lawyer is not able to find a way to have your charges lowered or dropped, they will still work hard to ensure you receive the smallest sentence possible. In some cases, they may even be able to get you treatment instead of a conviction. If so, the conviction will be dismissed as long as you complete the treatment program the judge assigns to you. If this is not an option, they’ll try to ensure you spend a minimal amount of time in jail. You lawyer may also be able to help you receive a hardship license, allowing you to continue to drive until your driver’s license is reinstated. A hardship license comes with strict regulations, such as the time of day you’re allowed to drive, but it can allow you to keep your job.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, your case is not hopeless. There are many different ways a Criminal Attorney in Naples can help you, and they’re not always obvious to the untrained person. Contact an attorney, such as one from Law Office Of James W. Chandler, P.A. today to see how they can help with your case. You may be surprised at just how much they will be able to do to help you, even if you felt your case was a solid case against you.

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