Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Spokane Valley WA

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Attorney, Lawyers & Law Firms

The purpose of having an insurance policy is not having to make payments arising from an accident. In this case, the point is clear; you should have insurance, whether it is liability, third party or multi-risk insurance. Normally, in case of accidents, companies are responsible for everything, but there are economic policies that do not cover this type of measure. If you’re involved in an accident, you should hire a Car Accident Attorney Spokane Valley WA to seek compensation for damages and / or injuries.

In the case of auto insurance, you must take into account damages caused by third parties. You have the right to claim compensation, which may be extensive.

So what are the deadlines when claiming compensation?

First of all, the policyholder is required to report the incident and give their insurance company notice within 7 days. Once this is done, there are two ways to legally claim compensation for damages:

  • Penal
  • Civil

If you decide to file a Penal claim, you have a maximum of six months from the date of the accident. These six months do not include working days and holidays. That is, six months are accurate dates (for example, January 1 to July 1). The main advantage of the Penal claim is that you do not pay court fees or even need to hire a medical expert who can be replaced by the coroner. Hiring a Car Accident Attorney Spokane Valley WA can really benefit you if you decide this route. Click here for more details.

If instead of the Penal route, you decide to claim compensation through Civil Court, you will have a maximum period of one year to do so. In this case, it is mandatory that you hire an independent medical expert who will assess your injuries. Also you will need to pay the court fees. If you are unsure which avenue is best for you, speak with your local counsel first.

In case of accident, it is worth getting sound advice from attorneys about compensation for accidents. These professionals will only be paid if you win your case, meaning you pay nothing up front. For more information, contact Cooney Law Offices today.

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